Our services and rates.

Please contact us for any special requirements.

All of our prices include set up, and delivery within Hamilton. If your event is outside of Hamilton, please call or contact for a quote.



10 x 10

$150.00 (including side walls)

$125.00 (tent top only)

10 x 20

$250.00 (including side walls)

$225.00 (tent top only)

15 x 15

$250.00 (including side walls)

$225.00 (tent top only)

20 x 20

$350.00 (including side walls)



White Bistro Chairs

$2.35 each

Brown Folding Chairs

$1.35 each 



6' - 8' Tables

$8.50 each

60" Rounds

$9.50 each

Trade Show Services

8' Pipe Drape 


Running foot installed, available in black, white, red, blue, or any combination.

3' Pipe Drape


Running foot installed available as above.

8' Skirted Tables

$30.00 each

For duration of show. Available in red, black, white, yellow, blue.

6' Skirted Tables

$26.00 each

For duration of show. Available as above.


Price on request.

Please visit the contact page or call us to receive a quote.


Traffic Cones

$5.00 each

Garbage Cans

 $5.00 each

Tent Weights

$3.00 each

For installing tents where anchoring is difficult, (i.e. street festivals) need 4 per 10 x 10 tent.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate in contacting us.